• How should I order these products?

    Wholesalers: If you are interested in purchasing bigger amounts of our products just write us an email

    Not a wholesalers: The ones who are looking for a present or a single buy, just go to „not a wholesaler“ section on our home page and press „shop online here“ – and you will be directly transferred to our official online shop.

  • What should I need to know about these products?

    Since all of our products are handmade there might be slight differences between each one of them(slight differences in size/shape/colour/tiny details). They create the character and beauty, and emphasize the difference between handmade and industrial factory made products. However if you are not happy with the product your receive, please contacts us – we are always happy to help!

  • When I will receive my order?

    Time when your order will be ready for shipping is completely depending on availability of the products you are ordering. Items which are in stock can be ready to ship in 3-4 working days (depending on amount). If the products are in the process of production or has to be made, it might take 1-4 weeks (depending on the amount).

    We always do our very best to get it ready as soon as possible !

  • Shipping costs?

    The exact shipping costs will be clear after you place an order of the products you have chosen and sent us your personal details and shipping destination. We will contact you before we ship your order to set final delivery time and price.

    We are always doing our best to get fastest and cheapest delivery for our clients!

  • Who is responsible for shipping taxes?

    Buyers are responsible for any custom and import taxes that may apply.

  • What happens if product arrives broken?

    Product which is damaged upon arrival will be replaced as soon as possible, just take a photo of it and contact us. Fortunately due to very good packing this issue does not happen very often!

  • Product durability

    Due to the high temperatures our products are going through in the process of production- they are resistant to a very high temperatures up to 1000 ℃.

    Please be aware that our products are made out of ceramic, so they can brake easily if dropped. So please keep them out of reach of children.

  • How to use?

    The smallest houses in our collection in category „N“ are designed as incense cone burners. They are designed to fit 8cm hight incense cones, but can be used for smaller cones as well.

    The rest of our products are designed for tea light candles and aroma oils, so they can be used as aroma oil burners/ aroma diffusors.

    The water and essential oils evaporate as steam, letting the aroma of the essential oils fill the room!

    NOTE: before you adding oils to the chimney please check if the chimney has the bottom (if it is closed)! some of our articles have two chimneys: one suitable for oils and one as a part of the design!

    To light up your fairy house you can use also electrical candles or fairy lights.

  • Cleaning instructions?

    After use all houses can be cleaned using fresh water and washing soap you are using at home, or simply a paper towel or or wet cloth to absorb the leftovers of the oil. Just please make sure that the house was completely cooling down before you start cleaning it.

  • Use carefully!

    Please do not leave houses unattended when you are using them with candles and oils.

    Please be aware that the roof of the house is heating up from the candles and will get strongly warm/hot.

    Please check for possible hazards nearby, moving all flammable items away.

    Please do not add water into heated up house, it should be added before the candle is lit.

    Please be aware that the houses are made out of ceramic so they can brake easily if dropped. So please keep them out of reach of children.